A new beginning (again)


If you’re anything like me, you tend to make goals for yourself and never seem to reach them. It’s not that I’m lazy. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. In the beginning of the year I vowed to exercise regularly and eat healthily. Well, because of a lovely disease by the name of Lupus, I have to eat healthier foods. However, I have not been working out… or being active… at all. If I were to make an excuse, it would be that I’m far too busy in school and I’m currently working two jobs! (Which is a pretty valid excuse, I might add). The only fault with this excuse is that somewhere in between school and work, I find time to sit on my couch for hours flipping between Criminal Minds and Dr. Phil and mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, blogs, Twitter and Pinterest.

So I figured, let’s say I spend two hours a day on that couch, seven days a week. That’s fourteen hours sitting in front of a TV per week, which is roughly 730 hours of staring at a TV each year. That’s repulsive, isn’t it?

Now I know I’m not going to completely cut TV out of my life, but what if I took one of those hours and spent it exercising instead? That would cut my TV-watching in half and half of that time would be spent doing something productive and good for my health.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Jasmine, this is so random’ (Or maybe you’re not, I just like to assume sometimes). Anyway, what prompted me to write this was a recent visit to my doctor. We went through the usual routine of checking vitals and getting a blood test and all that fun stuff. My doctor comes back into the room and he basically tells me that I’m unhealthy for a Lupus/Celiac/Autoimmunity patient. Then we spent the rest of the appointment talking about ways I can amp up my health before my next and final visit with him in August. He told me to start drinking protein shakes, fruit, vegetables, brown rice and drinking lots of ice-cold water. He also told me to cut sugar completely out of my diet since my liver is unable to process sugar, which means no more soda, candy, ice cream, etc. He also told me to start lightly exercising 4-5 days per week.

Ultimately what we (my physicians and I) are aiming to do is get me back in top shape for my final appointments before summer because I will be finishing up treatments and tests and while I am home in Hawaii, I won’t have access to my physicians here in Oregon who have been treating me since my last hospital stint.

I just thought that I would share, and if you are in a similar situation, if you are dieting, or if you are striving to live a healthy, clean lifestyle, please comment below! I would love to hear how you stay motivated, what kinds of meals you prepare and what exercises you find to be the most helpful!

**Remember, that I am not a doctor or physician, the foods and exercises I have listed above and the exercises and meals others comment with below are not considered an “official” diet. These are things my physicians have recommended for me. Everyone’s body and metabolism are different. Always contact a doctor before beginning any sort of diet or exercise regimen. 

40 thoughts on “A new beginning (again)

  1. elisapompili says:

    I was diagnosed as a Celiac about 9 years ago, and I feel like it took my body years to recover from the previous 19 of gluten eating. I love being active and I love being healthy, but I fall off the rocker pretty easily because I love my sweets and I love my TV shows. Gluten free sweets have gotten mucho better since 2004, so curling up with a bag of GF oreos and watching a good TV show or movie… pretty much my favorite thing. So the best ways I have found to stay motivated are:

    1. A positive post-it mirror (All positive statements about being healthy on my mirror).
    2. Not working out just work out, but staying active by doing fun things – bike-riding, playing tennis, hiking, running, Zumba – all of which are good workouts and tons of fun (for me).
    3. Trying anything that I can eat, even if I haven’t liked it in the past. This opens me up to new foods and new recipe ideas.

    As for food, we eat sushi every week, and the other meals are just variations of mixed veggies. :) Whether with sweet potatoes or rice or quinoa, mixed veggies is pretty much what we eat!

  2. jasminekeclipse says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am actually going to start hiking, since I live in Oregon, there are a lot of beautiful trails near me. I will definitely start a positive post-it mirror, great idea!

  3. noel1543 says:


    I can empathies with difficulty with motivation for staying active. here are a few things that I do to help me keep going, hopefully they might help you to :)

    1. When I find that I’m having difficulty regularly going to the gym I try to find something new to keep me active. Right now I went completely out of the box and started taking pole dance classes.
    2. Making a monthly schedule of exercises I want to do in addition to a monthly goal. For example, I would make a schedule for March to work out 4-6 days a week with each day listing the exercises I will do and my goal for March would be to do 30 push-ups.
    3. For food, I went to see a nutritionist. That was the only way I know to get valid information. Yes, there are fad diets and tips online but I wanted something that worked for my body so I saw a professional (which was luckily covered by insurance.)
    4. Get a workout buddy! It makes it way more fun and enjoyable! I work out with my best friend :)
    5. For work out ideas, I use this website and compromise a fitness plan for myself:

    Good luck, hope this helped!


    • jasminekeclipse says:

      This is amazing, thank you for sharing! I have actually always wanted to try those classes, despite being a little risque, they look like an amazing workout! You’ll have to let me know how you like them! I’ve made a calendar of workouts and I’ve planned out my meals, so now all I have to do is follow that routine I made. I’m thinking of working out in the mornings before my classes and work because I won’t have the energy to exercise once I come home at the end of the day, which means I’ll have to wake up around 6am, yikes! I’ve also bookmarked this website, thank you for sharing!

      • noel1543 says:

        Sometimes a little risque is a good thing :) The class is amazing! It’s so much fun and a confidence booster!

        Take every day at a time, you can do it :)

  4. Insight says:

    Well, I was diagonised by epileptic seizure during my childhood and later some respiratory related diseases like astma too. Epilepsy related causes were resolved via medicines itself and I felt so inconsolable with this astma related issues. It was during my age of 14, I started learning yoga and some very notable changes has occured in my soul within 1 year of learning practices. Currently, I’m free from even a short natured disease like cold. Hope it could work on your case as well. Have a great time there, Jasmine. God bless. :) :)


    • jasminekeclipse says:

      That’s incredible Rahul! I’m so happy for you. I started practicing a few years ago and I really loved it but I fell out of touch with it. I think I may start again, thank you!

      • Insight says:

        You should! At first, you might not feel it interesting. But gradually, you will definitely love to be in touch with it and came to be known as a yogi forever. :) :) Hope you have great centers for learning yoga there! :)


  5. margaretbgarnier says:

    hey! i find the hardest in trying to get healthier was actually starting… Once you have your routine settled i think its actually enjoyable… I started running again about 5 months ago. I get up 30 minutes earlier during the week and I also go once in the week end. It does not have to be a long run, whatever makes me feel better. I love the feeling once it’s over, even if its short distance i feel like I have accomplished something and its a great way to start the day.
    If i had the chance to live in Oregon i would definitly go on some hikes i love it!
    I hope you’ll reach your goal this time :)

  6. Rinth says:

    I understand you completely. I put such goals up every other week, and fail after like a couple of days. I have hypothyroidism, which makes it difficult for me to lose weight. Difficult, but not impossible; I simply have to work harder than others. But that’s the problem; for someone who doesn’t exercise at all… working hard to lose weight is… merely the thought is intimidating!

  7. Lisa says:

    I was diagnosed with RA when I was 21, *cough* 17 *cough* years ago. As I get older, the things I’m able to do changes. As many nights per week I go for a walk as soon as I get home from work. Once my buns are planted, it’s over. Zumba is amazing, but requires more motivation since I have to drive there. Yoga is awesome.

    • jasminekeclipse says:

      I was diagnosed with RA a few months ago too! That also makes it difficult to exercise and not completely feel like I’m about to die, but my doctor told me the more active you are, the less pain you feel. Yoga is incredible, I need to get back into it!

  8. allnightknits says:

    This may sound odd, but I set a stopwatch on my iPhone beginning on Sunday’s and when it hits 7 hours there is no more TV for me. I don’t count going to the movies (because that would suck ;)) but an hour a day seems alright in my book.
    Take care of your health, be well, and I loved the post!

  9. ddupre315 says:

    I was diagnosed diabetic a couple of years ago and so have similar dietary issues as you do. Mostly, I stay away from sweets unless they are sugar free or the occasional cheat but being in Japan is an advantage because they use sugar a lot less than in America. There are some awesome sugar free options these days too, just keep it in moderation. I watch my carb intake as well.

    Staying motivated is a tough one. Honestly, my husband helps with that some but mostly I just have to keep kicking myself in the butt and my daily blood glucose test is a good motivator. I know when I am not eating well.

    For the first year or so I was on SparkPeople which helps track your daily numbers and such. It helped and has great exercise suggestions.

    I want to start Yoga too but I have a stupid neurosis to get by before I can join a class. I hate doing things like that in a group, feel like everyone’s staring at me wondering what the heck I’m doing there. I know it’s nuts but it is what it is.

    Stick with it and blog it if it helps you be accountable.

    • jasminekeclipse says:

      I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, hopefully I’ll make it out there soon! Since I can’t eat wheat or gluten, staying away from bad carbs isn’t necessarily an issue for me. I’ve found that since I haven’t eaten salty, greasy, sugary foods, I don’t crave them at all, which is a good thing! SparkPeople sounds interesting, I’ll have to take a look at it. And yes, I think I will blog my progress, that will definitely keep me on track, that’s why I decided to publicize this in the first place, if I don’t stick to my guns, everyone’s watching! I wish you the best!

  10. kaitawesome says:

    I’m probably not the best in terms of advice, because I’m in the midst of trying to get healthier myself. One thing I have to commend you on, however, is doing that math! Sometimes we don’t realize just how much time in our lives is wasted in front of the TV. Good luck to you in your journey, though! Best wishes.

  11. schwabsprobs says:

    Join a team! It doesn’t have to be anything huge. I joined a rowing team and my teammates motivated me to go to practice and spending two hours a day working out makes me want to eat healthier. Eating healthier allows better performance. Get out your competitive side!

    • jasminekeclipse says:

      Great advice! All through high school I played on the varsity soccer team, track and field and our Hawaiian rowing team but once I came to college I didn’t have any time to dedicate to a sport. Maybe I’ll join one over the summer!

  12. StetotheJ says:

    After falling asleep one night to the 24 hour news channel, it got into my head that this is not the world i want to view, so now Tv is off unless the football (soccer) or Doctor Who is on. Having said that I still sit down in most of my leisure time to read and blog so do I really win….

  13. Tomiko says:

    It is complex, I’ve been trying to lose some weight so I joined the gym, and for some time I got stuck, I was not losing weight and was not feeling motivated, one night (8 days ago) I woke up at 4:00 am feeling terrible because I had a hefty dinner, and that’s when it hit me, I needed a total change in my routine. So I got up at 5:00 am and went to my gym, since that day I go every day and take the 6:00 am spinning class, get ready there and go straight to work. It is not easy, but that change helped me and even though it hasn’t been long this is my favorite part of the day, getting up early and exercising, I feel better the rest of the day and make better choices.
    On the TV Side, well I don’t own one, we got rid of it, because really it was making us slaves, we did not do anything when we had that thing at home. Hope this helps and take care :)

    • jasminekeclipse says:

      That’s great! I’m so happy for you, and I’m excited to see your progress! I agree, getting up early and working out in the morning is the best way to go because you do feel better and more energized for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing!

  14. silversun008 says:

    For about 2 and a half years now, I have been on a journey to lose weight because I hated myself and just ate all the pain away (BIG MISTAKE!)

    To change this lifestyle, I limited all the junk food I ate by allowing myself to have one “bad food day,” and that is the only day where it is okay to eat such foods (in moderation, of course!) The other 6 days of the week, eat only healthy food.

    I also began to exercise. I live no where near a gym or fitness center, so I started working out at home. I started off with light exercise, but as I got used to it, increased the intensity. Since I am a gamer, I use Rock Band as an exercise tool. I started out with doing singing and adding dancing to it. Recently, I started doing the drumming for a good cardio workout. So yes, I am getting healthy playing video games :)

    It is very difficult to start any kind of exercise and healthy eating routine, but it becomes very easy if you stick with it. Using these methods, I have lost about 100 pounds so far.
    Once I started seeing these kinds of results, I wanted to keep at it. I don’t want to go back to being fat.

    Sorry this turned out to be so long and I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

    • jasminekeclipse says:

      Let me get this straight, you set a goal, stayed true to yourself throughout those two years and reached your goal and lost 100 pounds?! You’re my role model, that’s incredible! I am so incredibly happy for you! I really hope to achieve similar success with my goals. Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work!

  15. pishnguyen says:

    Good luck with the changes you need to make. I am inspired by and in awe of your amazing and positive attitude. I have a feeling you will manage to reach your goals. :)

  16. jenniferhelps says:

    I did completely cut TV out of my life, and it was one of the best things that I have ever done! I applaud you for all of your hard work, writing, and observations! Great job, Jasmine, and please keep it up!

  17. sudebaker says:

    Jasmine, it’s never too early to take care of yourself. You are going to be way ahead of the old folks who get their wake-up calls when they’re elderly. Good for you! Instead of looking at it as a “have to”, it’s a “get to”, and becomes: What am I capable of in this amazing body? God bless from a fellow former Oregonian :)

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